Women With Low Energy: You’re Not Alone.

Women With Low Energy: You’re Not Alone.

Women With Low Energy: You’re Not Alone.

If your get-up-and-go has gotten up-and-gone, participating in a full life may not seem worth the bother. Plenty of women can relate, especially those of a certain age.

Plus physical sluggishness may be accompanied by mental sluggishness. It’s a combination that can make it even harder (but not impossible!) to rise above and to get back to your old self.

You’re not just lazy; chronic fatigue is real in Alpharetta.

What can you do about feeling tired much – or most – of the time? It depends on the cause. And there are many possible causes. It can even be two or three different issues contributing to your daily lethargy.

If it’s been too long, or if it’s getting worse, then pick up your cell and make an appointment with a physician. They can help narrow the possibilities, and determine if something more serious is going on with your body.

As we’ll see, the answer can be simple, or not so simple. But either way, life is too important to feel like a slug all the time! And no matter what you find out, the fact is you’re probably not exercising enough. But you knew that already.

Ready? Let’s get started.

The Problem: Not enough sleep, or poor quality sleep. Try:

  • Counseling: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Mindfulness, breathing and other
  • relaxation techniques.
  • Sleep hygiene: Avoiding certain foods and beverages; Right environment;
  • Reduced screen time; more.
  • CJC/ipamorelin injections: Can help get natural hormonal cycles back on track.
  • Sleep study: Determine if you have sleep apnea, and treat accordingly.

The Problem: Nutrition issues. Try:

  • Nutritional counseling: Find out what foods drag you down, and which will perk you back up.
  • Experiment on your own: Withhold favorite foods one by one, then write down how you feel.
  • Watch your sugar: After spikes in blood sugar, when sugar drops, so do you.
  • Vitamins: Find out which ones your body is lacking. Ask about Vitamin B replacement.

The Problem: Anemia. Try:

  • A Blood Test: If you lack enough healthy red blood cells, a doctor can offer treatment.
  • Get what you need: It could be iron, folic acid, or Vitamin B12. There are many types of anemia.

The Problem: Diabetes. Try:

Metformin: Lowers the blood sugar, and performs other functions.
Diet and exercise consultation: Living with diabetes is hard, but it’s better than dying from it.

The Problem: Depression. Try:

  • Talk therapy: Talk it out, and learn some healthier ways to approach the world.
  • Prescriptions: Antidepression and antianxiety meds can help with chemical imbalances

The Problem: Heart disease. Try:

  • A full physical examination: If your doc detects issues, they’ll send you to a heart specialist.
  • Cut down on: Foods high in saturated fats, sugars and salt. Eat grains and fresh produce.
  • Live healthy: Lose weight, quit smoking, and did we mention regular exercise?

The Problem: Food allergies. Try:

  • Allergy tests: You don’t know what you could be allergic to, even if you weren’t before.

The Problem: Hormonal imbalance. Try:

  • Hormonal management: Can make a big difference, especially during menopause or perimenopause.
  • Check for Hypothyroidism: An underactive Thyroid gland means your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs.

The Problem: Fibromyalgia. Try:

  • Talking with your doctor: Unfortunately, this mysterious ailment can have many causes and effects.

The Problem: Chronic worry. Try:

  • Compartmentalizing: You have more control over what you think about at any given moment than you realize.
  • Counseling: Life’s too short to be miserable.

The Problem: None of the above issues seem to be your issue. Try:

ReGenerative Medicine: Injections of exosomes may help increase metabolic energy.

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