Vampire Wing Lifts Help Even Intimate Areas Look Younger in Alpharetta

Regenerative Medicine Alpharetta GA Vampire Wing Lift

We all want to look our best in Alpharetta – of course.

Past a certain age, we all want to look younger. And we all have different body parts that we’re most self-conscious about.

Cosmetic improvement typically focuses on the parts that everyone sees. But a surprising number of women wish they could turn back the years on a part that only their partner gets to see.

Women who aren’t happy about how things look down there, it turns out, have a new option. A Vampire Wing Lift® helps restore a more youthful appearance to the labia (hence the wings reference) and other external areas of the vagina. Keep reading to see how Vampire Wing Lifts in Alpharetta can help you today!

If you’re still reading … well, keep reading.

As with the rest of the body, the skin of the vagina tends to wrinkle and sag over time. Female genital plastic surgery has been around for a while, but seems to be just too big a step for most women.

A Vampire Wing Lift, on the other hand, is an in-office procedure that takes about fifteen minutes, without the impact, downtime or cost of actual surgery.

Since the solution to the issue at hand is derived from your own blood (hence the vampire reference), it’s considered a natural approach to cosmetic improvement. In fact, this approach is being applied to an increasing variety of bodily issues in a promising new branch of health care known as Regenerative Medicine.

So … how does it work?

First, blood is drawn from your arm, just like any blood test. Then that blood is ‘spun’ to create a higher concentration of platelets.

The resulting Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is combined with bio-safe fillers, then injected around the relevant area with a tiny needle. Any discomfort during this procedure is generally offset by a topical anesthetic.

Then what happens?

Just go back home or back to work. Mark your calendar to check the results in about a month (but of course not the calendar you share with co-workers).

The growth and healing factors in PRP help rejuvenate and even grow new cells in the delicate folds of skin. Blood flow is enhanced. The combination of PRP and fillers helps ‘lift’ the labia and surrounding tissue. Everything becomes somewhat smoother, firmer and plumper, to more closely resemble the vagina of a younger you.

Anything else I should know?

Since the main substance being introduced into your body was naturally created in your body, medical professionals consider it a safe procedure with no common side effects.

Right after your Vampire Wing Lift, you may experience some mild redness and swelling, but that’s typically gone within a week.

Women who are pregnant or who are trying to get pregnant shouldn’t consider a Vampire Wing Lift. Nor should those with any infection, inflammation, hypersensitivity, or certain allergies.

Life’s too short to live with problems that weigh on us, if something can be done about it.

Not long ago, issues like these weren’t even discussed. But to their credit, today’s women are actively taking charge of their own bodies. If making a change is going to help them feel better about themselves for years to come, that’s a personal decision and a positive step.

Women moving ahead with a Vampire Wing Lift sometimes also ask their doctor for an O-Shot® to address issues related to sexual sensitivity and dysfunction.

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