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Spinal injections in Alpharetta are one of the leading types of pain-relieving treatments that can minimize your need for daily medication or possibly back surgery. At Georgia RegenRX in Alpharetta expert pain management physician Robert E. Windsor, MD, can get you started on a tailored spinal injection treatment plan and experience the pain relief you deserve, once and for all. Book your spinal injection evaluation by clicking the contact us or by calling the clinic directly.

How do spinal injections work in Alpharetta?

Spinal injections are an innovative way to target the source of pain: the nerve. But because of advancements in medicine, you have several different types of spinal injections available. Below are descriptions of some of the most common types of spinal injections and how they work.

Epidural injections:

Epidural injections are often used to treat acute nerve inflammation and sciatica. This type of spinal injection involves injecting an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory medication into your lower back near the problem nerve. The injection soothes the inflamed nerve and resolves pain quickly.

Facet or sacroiliac joint injections:

Facet or sacroiliac joint injections are similar, just their location is different. Your facet joints are the small joints between each vertebrae, while your sacroiliac joints are larger joints near your pelvic bones. This type of spinal injection involves injecting a solution of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications into your joint, or numbing the nerves near the joint.

Nerve blocks:

Nerve block treatments involve injecting botulinum toxins, anesthetic solutions, or steroids into joints. The effect of the nerve block medication desensitizes the nerve, which quickly helps to resolve the pain you experience.

Are spinal injections painful?

The team at Georgia RegenRX is dedicated to ensuring your spinal injection treatment is as comfortable and painless as possible. Most spinal injections are performed while you’re lying comfortably on your stomach or on your side.

Your practitioner numbs the targeted area with a topical solution or numbing injection (sometimes both). While you may feel some burning or an initial needle prick, these sensations wear off rather quickly. Aside from these minor side effects, you shouldn’t feel any serious discomfort.

How long do spinal injections last?

Spinal injections vary in how long their effects last. Epidural injections, for instance, are meant for short-term relief and can provide dramatic pain relief for several days.

Facet and sacroiliac joint injections, as well as nerve blocks, can provide relief for several weeks or months at a time. To experience optimal benefits for severe pain, your provider at Georgia RegenRX may even recommend a series of spinal injections.

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