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Orthobiologic therapy in Alpharetta may be just the solution you need to recover from serious pain and inflammation. At Georgia RegenRX in Alpharetta, you can meet with expert pain specialist Robert E. Windsor, MD, who evaluates your condition and symptoms and personalizes your orthobiologic therapy to your unique needs. Find out how this regenerative medicine can help you heal!

What is Orthobiological therapy in Alpharetta?

All cells in your body are derived from stem cells. They serve as the building blocks of tissues and structures all over your body.

Orthobiologics is a cutting-edge therapy that involves stem cells and other growth factor-rich products that promote anti-inflammation, regeneration of tissues, and may correct or substantially improve certain chronic conditions involving joints, spine, muscles, and ligaments/tendons.

When orthobiologic products or injected into injured joints, ligaments, or the spine, anti-inflammation and promotion of healing occurs as a result. This is a marked departure from the typical use of corticosteroids (cortisone) which has been the mainstay of medical therapy for the last 50 years. Additionally, the proper use of orthobiologics may prevent surgeries such as total knee or hip replacement or spinal fusion.

How can orthobiologic therapy help me?

Orthobiologic therapy is beneficial for minimizing symptoms associated with acute or chronic conditions. Your practitioner from Georgia RegenRX may recommend stem cell therapy if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as ligament or tendon tears
  • Arthritis or joint pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Back pain

Whether you have minor pain and discomfort, or chronic pain and inflammation that’s starting to lower your quality of life, stem cell therapy from Georgia RegenRX may be just the solution you need.

Is there any downside to orthobiologic therapy?

Minimal. Because orthobiologic therapy sessions involve a series of injections and can be slightly invasive, especially if you need stem cells harvested from your body, you may be a little sore for a few days after your treatment. The increase in blood flow to the area may even lead to some temporary swelling.

The team at Georgia RegenRX typically recommends avoiding strenuous activities until any side effects subside. Within about 3-4 weeks, though, you should find that your underlying symptoms are gradually improving.

For severe cases, your practitioner could schedule you for two or more stem cell therapy treatments. It just depends on how your body responds and how quickly you heal.

Individual results may vary.

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