Vampire Facelifts® Are Catching On In Atlanta



The only people who don’t want to look younger are, well, people who are already young (for now).

If the idea of getting a surgical facelift seems a little bit scary, it’s ironic that something called a Vampire Facelift® is actually less risky, less impactful, and yes, less expensive.

The problem is that over time, skin all over tends to loosen, as the tissue below it loses some of its original healthy ‘structure.’ Frowning about it in the bathroom mirror only accentuates the sagging skin and wrinkles.


The good news is, there’s new hope through Regenerative Medicine.

A Vampire Facelift involves adding a combination of PRFM and biologically-safe filler into various areas of the face. This restores tone and surface evenness by lifting the flesh of the face away from the skull. The process restores some of that nice plumpy volume, and helps improve the look of your skin.

The healthful serum is applied in a series of injections which are pretty much painless after topical numbing agents are applied.

So, nothing is technically being ‘lifted.’ A better analogy in this case might be a balloon being blown up, as it gets fuller, smoother and shinier.


A more natural way to look more youthful.

Since it’s derived from the growth and healing factors produced naturally in the body, Regenerative Medicine procedures like Vampire Facelifts are often considered to be a more ‘natural’ process compared to some other cosmetic or medical procedures.


So what is this PRFM?

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) is a thicker and longer lasting version of the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), from which it’s converted. PRP in turn is derived from the person’s own blood, which is drawn the same way as a blood test. The use of one’s blood, if you haven’t guessed, is where the ‘vampire’ terminology came from.

Plus this ‘biological product’ helps stimulate collagen production – an important protein in the body that among other things, provides ‘structure’ that keeps skin looking firm. It also helps circulation, which helps give a face that fresh, warm glow of youth.


You’ll be hearing more about PRP.

It’s been found that the natural growth agents in PRP can also help regenerate tissue, in ways that might have been considered magical just a decade ago.

Regenerative Medicine in general, and PRP in particular, offers benefits for an ever-increasing variety of medical and cosmetic conditions. PRP injections are used to help heal and repair wounds and injuries sustained by professional athletes.


Getting a Vampire Facelift in Atlanta.

Vampire Facelifts are available only through medical providers who are trained and licensed to perform them, helping to ensure quality results and patient safety.

It’s an outpatient procedure, with the immediate results. You could look younger when you go to sleep tonight than when you woke up!

And not just look younger, but healthier too.


Lookin’ good is on ongoing process. But you knew that.

The effects of the procedure can last for a year or more; sometimes less. Repeated procedures are necessary to retain that look of recaptured youth.

Not everyone is right for vampire facelifts. For those in their 70s or 80s, or those with very visible signs of aging, other procedures may be more appropriate. See a medical professional to understand the options.


Do you look older than you feel?

If it’s time to do something about it, you’ll find that looking better leads to feeling better. And that’s a win-win.


Is a Vampire Facelift right for you? Dr. Robert Windsor’s clinic is a certified provider of Vampire Facelifts in Atlanta.

Call 678-664-4783 to schedule a consult, or click to learn more about his practice.


This content is offered for informational purposes only and is not meant to constitute medical advice.


Robert E. Windsor, MD About the Author: Robert E. Windsor, MD In addition to being known for treatment, training and publishing in the area of pain management, Dr. Windsor has extensive experience in orthopedics, neurology, and interventional orthopedics. He has also been board certified in physical medicine, electrodiagnostic medicine, pain medicine, pain management, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

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