Vampire Breast Lifts® for Atlanta Women




For younger women who are looking to gain a cup size or two, let’s be clear, there are other options that would suit you better.

For women who are a few years further on, but simply want to look their best, well, let’s talk.

Maybe the idea of breast augmentation surgery has been floating around in the back of your mind for a while, but has always seemed just too radical, or too obvious, a move. 

Maybe you’ve noticed wrinkling in the cleavage area, or skin that just isn’t as smooth, tight or even as it used to be. Maybe you wish you had … just a little more.

You’re willing to do something about it, if it’ll help you look younger. Because looking younger helps us feel younger. Sure, it’s a cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true.


The Vampire Breast Lift: Breast enhancement without surgery

Here’s how it works: First, some of your blood is drawn (just like a regular blood test – nothing actually to do with vampires). That blood sample is then ‘spun’ to increase the concentration of platelets, nature’s little miracles of healing and growth.

That biological ‘product’ is called Platelet-Rich Plasma, often known as PRP. PRP is being used these days for an-ever increasing variety of medical and cosmetic issues. Since the substance is produced in your own body, it’s perfectly safe, sterile and natural, with no side effects.


The next step: putting that healthy serum where it can make a difference.

The PRP is injected into the breast tissue in various spots. Any slight stinging sensation is mostly offset by a topical anesthetic.

Then what happens? The PRP begins to regenerate and heal aging tissue under the skin. It improves blood flow, which is always a good thing. It promotes collagen production, the substance that gives a plump ‘structure’ to that underlying tissue when we’re young.


What this does, and doesn’t, accomplish.

It does help smooth things out, by filling little hollows, and softening bumps, wrinkles and stretch marks, as it overall helps tighten the skin.

It does tend to add some volume, which some women report as being similar to strapping on a push-up bra.

It will give the breasts a more youthful, rosy skin tone, thanks to that increased blood flow. It also often improves the appearance of the nipples.

Many women report that after the procedure, they had enhanced sensitivity (the good kind) in their breasts and nipples.

It won’t, as we mentioned, add a cup size. It won’t lift already-sagging breasts to counter the pesky pull of gravity. It won’t work miracles.


It just might offer that little lift you’re looking for, though.

Upgrading to the appearance of fuller, firmer, younger-looking breasts doesn’t take very long. A Vampire Breast Lift is an outpatient procedure, with no downtime afterward.

There’s not the invasive impact, recovery period, or high price tag of surgical breast enhancement.

With a ‘VBL’, some difference is noticeable within a few days, but you may need to wait a couple of months to see full results.

Some women are fine with just one treatment. Some come back to repeat it after a year to gain or maintain the effect they want.

If you’re curious, find out more. But remember that a Vampire Breast Lift is not for everyone. Consult a provider licensed and trained in Vampire Breast Lifts for a personal consult.


Could this be a good option for you? Dr. Robert Windsor’s clinic is a certified provider of Vampire Breast Lifts in Atlanta.

Call 678-664-4783 to schedule a consult, or click to learn more about his practice.


This content is offered for informational purposes only and is not meant to constitute medical advice.


Robert E. Windsor, MD About the Author: Robert E. Windsor, MD In addition to being known for treatment, training and publishing in the area of pain management, Dr. Windsor has extensive experience in orthopedics, neurology, and interventional orthopedics. He has also been board certified in physical medicine, electrodiagnostic medicine, pain medicine, pain management, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

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